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極意シリーズ1 Gokui Series 1

極意シリーズ Special Series • 1h 19m

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  • 極意シリーズ2 Gokui Series 2

    In this video, Ando Shihan focusses on each technique set individually, highlighting the most important points and basic principles which can then be applied to every technique within that set. Watch as an aikido master sheds new light on the basic techniques.

  • 極意シリーズ3 Gokui Series 3

    All aikido techniques require uke to be pinned in order for the effective to be effective. To pin uke, we need to guide them in such a way that their balance is broken and they lose the will to resist. Ando Shihan touched on this in the Special Series 1&2 and in this video he explores this th...

  • 極意シリーズ4 Gokui Series 4

    'The spirit of the void' is a phrase used by Morihei Ueshiba Sensei and it refers to harmonising our ki with that of our partner and to the connection between shite and uke. 'The spirit of the void' is created by changes in the rotation of the hips and the movement of our centre. The ability to...